Borntoloaf is the free and easy guide to making money on the internet, getting freebies and winning competitions. Born To Loaf will teach you how to earn whilst working from home for an extra income

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Earn Money from the Internet

Put your computer to good use by working from your house or doing extra work at the office in your breaks by doing an assortment of activities that pay you. Follow the free advice throughout the website and you will soon be earning an extra income.

Working From Home

Earn Money From The Internet To earn money from home we would first recommend the paid UK surveys that you can complete whilst on your PC, laptop, tablet or even iphone. These surveys usually take anywhere from 1 - 10 minutes to complete and by joining all the sites listed on Born To Loaf you should get several questionnaires a day to fill. Cash and shopping voucher payments vary from £1 up to £15. Each questionnaire is easy to fill out on your PC and the topics are usually of current interest. Our favourite site is Mysurvey UK because they also send products to trial, which you get to keep, then you get a further payment for giving your opinion about the product.

Ways To Work From Home

In the earn stuff section to the left are other ways to work from home which include how to Become a Mystery Shopper. Some of this can be done on the PC, other mystery shopping jobs can be done on the phone and the rest involves visiting shops and restaurants, buying items or eating a meal - for which you get expenses paid - and then you complete a small questionnaire - and then you get cash payments. We have received anything from £5 - £25 a job. Most take under one hour and it's possible to do several jobs in one day. There is more information on the become a mystery shopper get paid to go mystery shopping page.

Win £25.00 in our Daily Entry Competition.

I am selling at eBay due to ill health. This is a rare chance to buy a 10 character domain name that has been live since 2002 and the current bid is low.

I can also transfer the live files on the ftp hosting upon request and the host company provides great support if needed.

Thank you all for the fun we have had over the years, especially running the Born To Loaf competitions where I have given away cash prizes and branded merchandise. It would be great if a Borntoloafer took over the site.

Best wishes to you all.


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Jack Pot Joy The Price Is Right Bingo It is good to take a break and we often play online games. Born To Loaf like websites that offer cash prizes whilst having some fun and our favourite game at the moment is The Price Is Right based on the popular TV game show. We have our eye on the twice monthly extra prize of the Mini Cooper though the £10,000 progressive jackpot would also be nice to win!

Home Working

Another aspect of home working is claiming free stuff and the New Freebies page list these such as samples and bingo games where you can win real cash prizes. There is also the scratch card which rewards you with a matched bonus. You can also sell competition prize items at online auction websites. Though many useful prizes make great treats and you can save by giving them to people as Birthday and Christmas presents.

No making money on the internet website can be complete without mentioning the growing phenomenon of social media. On the make money on Twitter page we discuss the benefits of interacting with other web users and how you can earn through this tool.

The site is updated each day and new content is stored in the news page and each specific article.

Older and more traditional ways still pay out a modest income. One such example is the get paid to read emails section.

Born To Loaf run competitions to win our branded prizes like fleece hats, credit card holders, pens, car stickers and stick it notes as a bit of light relief. Though not a making money opportunity entering competitions is a fun way to get prizes and can be an ideal venture. Many people working from home enter competitions and use their prizes as presents for their family or to sell on auction sites. Enter our caption competition. Or the daily entry twitter competition that is run several times a week. Details of this can be read on our daily competition page.

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Make Money

There are other ways to make money from the internet. We have already discussed competitions and to take this opportunity a step further there are also free lotteries which can be played each day and easily worked into your routine. These are a bit of fun and you can win a prize which are often cash prizes.

Help charities whilst trying to win the lottery by playing the Charity Lottery which has a top prize of £20 million and give 20% of ticket values to the charity of your choice.

We have been bringing internet users new ways to earn money from the internet since 2002. Over the years we have featured in the media such as BBC Radio 2 on the Steve Wright afternoon show in the Website of the Day spot by Miles Mendoza. We featured in several internet magazines such as Web User, Future Net Magazine and the .net magazine.

Don't just take our word for how wonderful the site is, below are some comments left to us about our service:

While I was still at school in the 1950s, teachers would ask the class: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Well, I knew exactly what I wanted to be - retired. And I was as sure as I could be of anything that I didn't want to grow up. Sadly, though I was clearly born to loaf, I had to make a living. On leaving school, I took a series of jobs by which I managed to support myself in as painless a way as possible. Seven years ago, at the age of fifty-eight, I achieved my ultimate ambition and retired.

From the time it was launched, the Borntoloaf website has helped me to make retirement the time of my life. It has proved to me it is possible to grow old without growing up. And it has provided me with enough money making and saving ideas to enable me to stretch my pension. Thank you.

Mary Cook

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